A POET DEPARTS and the other poem

HS delivering a lecture in an International Convention 



Hemant Shesh






And ultimately a poet unsung

Leaves the world silently

And shatters nothing, anywhere!


The world snoozes in slumber and wakes up with eternal ennui

Trudging on beaten paths planets and the Universes revolve!

Waves brim all seas

Flora breed on the plateaus…and thus the scenes grow old & older.


A mute scream like a lump

Plugs into throats

When sons aspiring to prosper

Leave our homes without bidding any one a good-bye and

Daughters falling in love, just fleet away

Thousands and thousands board trains to earn their daily bread

Buses carrying pilgrims collide and crash.


New born open their eyes in an unrelenting commotion

Ultimately the dead bodied are made to rest on the chilled floors


The scenes: soaked in ample of acid and affluence of salt

Strangulate inside the poet

Like a fish breathing last strangles in the net unknown


Catalogs of thousands of strange sorrows

Threadbare flags of feeble hopes

Helplessness mirrored in millions of images

A fathomless expanse of violet pathos


Within his nerves flows a counterword:

A wishful thinking

-Of finding a world full of love, set in order!


He was a speechless bird

A mute butterfly

A dumb honeybee

Away from his abode he is missing from a life that was


Once again

Staying far far from the clutches of corpse

The poet would once again feel

The secret tears of scenes peeled off


The world shall continue to nap

And wake up as ever before!

































Our home was a sagging Minar

Where aspirations lived like cloths, worn,

The weathers wavering often visited it

As our bodies were just spaces to rest?

For years together the flowers would never know

The art of blooming

Weeping could be set off, any moment, anytime

Sometimes the Dal tasted bitterly salty

But hardly anyone would go on a long journey!


Letters dropped by relatives often came

The ritual of STD lessened their frequency

We bid farewell in youth, to some of our friends, who demised

Some dearly loved ones never turned up again once gone.

Wives and children bought expensive stuff only in the Ads

And looked contented.

Anarchy and Scarcities became natural, just as breathing!


Our home was ours

And we were not the inhabitants of an unknown planet- aliens,

We had full poise and pride about it

Like anyone has, or one ought to have!


Earlier this Minar used to quaver a bit

We were unconscious a little, then almost infatuated considered it as distinctive


But out of the blue it trembled

And now even with a slightest blow of wind

This could collapse off, to the earth.


But, you must ponder it over too-

If so happens some fateful day,

Responsible for it shall be, who?







~ द्वारा hemantshesh on फ़रवरी 25, 2009.

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